Profit Insiders Essentials

What challenges do you struggle with in your business? 

  • Charging your worth with confidence?
  • Getting out of overwhelm for healthier work/life balance?
  • Managing your design projects efficiently?
  • Increasing your profit margin?
  • Creating attainable goals for your business?
  • Establishing your Ladder of Services?
  • Understanding who your ideal client is and how to attract them?
  • Knowing where (and when) you should be marketing?
  • Creating content for social media (and finding time to manage it)?
  • Handling client objections and closing the sale?
  • Increasing your visibility to expand your pipeline?

If you can relate, then you need Profit Insiders Essentials!

Profit Insiders Essentials is a self-paced program for business growth and financial success. Nancy has filled the Essentials program with strategies, content, courses, and tools to help you overcome all of these challenges in your Interior Design business. 

By putting the 100+ lessons, trainings, and downloads into action, you have the tools you need to achieve significant business growth and maximum profitability. 

The content in Profit Insiders Essentials addresses EVERY area of running your business and growing your business -- AND making it more profitable -- with Nancy's proven strategies and techniques you can begin to implement IMMEDIATELY! You can work your way through each module progressively, or you can go straight to the topic that you need the most – the choice is yours. 

You'll have access to Nancy's Essential Business Courses to address your sales, marketing, and business planning needs including:

  • Nail Your Sales Audio Training
    Want more clients? Stressed out by sales conversations? Need help addressing client objections? You are not alone! These are the challenges Nancy hears often from her clients and why she created this course. Find the professional confidence you need for the highest level of profitability. 

  • Body Language Basics
    Conversations going sideways, and you don't know why? This mini course covers the science of body language and why it is essential in your day-to-day business. Don’t want your revenue and relationships to take a hit? Harness the power of non-verbal communication!   

  • Attraction Marketing: Attract, Persuade, Retain
    Make yourself the go-to expert by providing valuable, enticing knowledge about WHAT you do, HOW you do it, and the RESULTS of what you do. Warm up those cold leads before they make their first purchase while boosting your lead generation game. Learn to effectively attract and authentically connect with your ideal clients, fill your pipeline, and foster better client relationships with higher retention. 

  • Business Startup Tool Kit
    For any journey you take, it's imperative to know where you're going and how you're going to get there. Starting and running a successful business is no different! Use the Business Startup Tool Kit to ensure your business is legalized, poised to purchase wholesale products for your clients, and ready to grow successfully! 

You'll also have access to Nancy's Essential Business Tools, including:

  • Ask Nancy Live
    You're invited to Nancy's monthly, clients-only, Live Q&A session where you can submit a question in advance. Nancy will answer it LIVE during her webinar-style session to get answers for the more complicated challenges you encounter in your business. And while you’re there, you’ll gain insight for overcoming the obstacles other interior designers are facing too!  

  • NancyGPT
    This brand-new, AI-driven resource gives you access to NEXT LEVEL search capabilities! Use NancyGPT to ask a specific question. It goes to work immediately, searching across all the video content inside of Profit Insiders Essentials, Nancy’s Monthly Live Q&A sessions, and all of her YouTube videos including every Facebook LIVE! In less than 1 minute, you get detailed answers from (virtual) Nancy. This is the perfect way to find EXACTLY what you need in the most efficient way possible.  

  • Video Vault
    The vault gives you quick access to all of Nancy’s Facebook LIVE videos, Weekend Wine Down sessions, and other valuable trainings and resources, including:   
    • Interior Design Contracts that Protect Webinar
    • Selling You & Follow-up Webinar
    • How Your Body Language Can Affect Sales Success
    • Networking at Highpoint  
  • Respond With Confidence
    With techniques and strategies developed over her 30-year career, Nancy wrote Respond with Confidence with a no-nonsense approach to illustrate her proven formula for success in any situation. 

Do you know what time it is? ⏳

It's time to stop chasing other programs when you can find EVERYTHING you need in ONE place! This program addresses ALL your business challenges with materials that are tailored to your needs as an Interior Designer. 

It's time to check out Profit Insiders Essentials! 

23 Modules

Marketing Mastery II: Captivating Content

Emails, Blogs, Marketing

Strategically develop and post content that people actually want to read!

Designer Skills

Technique, Training

Use these skills trainings to enhance your talent as an interior designer!

Body Language Basics

🖥️ Essential Business Course

Conversations going sideways, and you don't know why? Learn the science behind body language and why it's essential in your day-to-day business. 

Attraction Marketing

🖥️ Essential Business Course

Learn how to attract and authentically connect with your ideal clients while fostering trust and retention. 

Business Startup Tool Kit

🖥️ Essential Business Course

Ensure your business is legalized, poised to purchase wholesale products for your clients, and ready to grow successfully!

Ask Nancy Live (Monthly Q&A)

🛠️ Essential Business Tool

Monthly Live Q&A Sessions with Team Nancy for clients only!

NancyGPT (Ask Virtual Nancy)

🛠️ Essential Business Tool

This brand-new, AI-driven resource gives you access to NEXT LEVEL search capabilities! 

Video Vault

🛠️ Essential Business Tool

Quick access to Nancy’s Facebook LIVEs, Weekend Wine Down sessions, and other valuable trainings. webinars, and resources!

Modules for this product 23
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