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I am so happy you’re here! If you don't know me, I'm Nancy Ganzekaufer and I'm a Business Coach and Body Language trainer that is passionate about helping you become so CONFIDENT in your business model, your decisions, and your knowledge that you can't help but become a more profitable Interior Design business!

It's time to charge your worth and create a business model that will satisfy you, your finances, your life, AND your clients.  This is your knowledge hub!  Use it wisely and often.  

Let’s get started, get over your fears, go for what you really want — in your business, income, client relationships & life.

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Every business is different! I've developed this membership site to accommodate all the business lessons you need to grow in your success. 

All the information in one membership site -- if you can't find the answers you're looking for within the site, you have the opportunity to ask me LIVE once a month!!  

If you are ready to make decisions and learn sales, marketing, systems, time management, and more to fill in gaps in your knowledge, then join!

Follow the lessons and YOU can at least double, if not triple your income and transform your business into a profitable, organized, well-oiled Interior Design business machine!

Join The Confident Interior Designer Membership Site to find the success you deserve.

Step 1: Create Your Roadmap to Success

Every great business begins with a solid foundation backed by a strategic business plan. Professional growth stems from the achievement of specific, actionable goals. 

Discover the essential steps for establishing and building your sustainable and profitable business. Lessons in this section include:

  • Mindset (3-lessons)
  • Time Management (4-lessons)
  • Business Planning Goal setting (5-lessons)

Step 2: Identify Your Ideal Client Profile

An integral piece of the puzzle that many Interior Designers overlook is the practice of defining their ideal client. Not everyone who needs an interior designer is a good fit for your business. Learn to get the most out of your marketing efforts by identifying and targeting your ideal client!  Lessons in this section include:

  • Create Your Ideal Client Profile
  • Find Your Ideal Client Masterclass

Step 3: Formulate Your Signature Message

Do you find yourself fumbling when trying to describe your business? What's the best answer to the question, "What exactly do you do?” Using my PROVEN formula, create a concise, vivid message that gets your point across in a way that conveys who you TRULY are!  Lessons in this section include:

  • Your Business in Words Exercise

Step 4: Build Your Ladder of Services

Defined service levels can help transform a mediocre Interior Design Business into a thriving, profitable one. Learn how to create your Ladder of Services for the success of your business!  Lessons in this section include:

  • Ladder of Service Options for Interior Designers
  • Ladder of Services - General Discussion
  • Designer-for-a-Day Business Model and Perfect fit PDF
  • Designer-on-Call Business Model
  • Full-Service Design Business Model

Step 5: Grow Your Client Base

Did you know that you can actively grow your client base WITHOUT actively working on it? Learn how to achieve an ongoing state of growth for your business!  Lessons in this section include:

  • Facebook Personal Page Optimization
  • Social Media Tracker
  • Social Audit
  • Getting Published
  • SEO training
  • E-design, Pinterest, & Affiliate Links

Step 6: Share Your Compelling Content

A business just isn't as effective without ample, relevant content, period. You need creative content that is unique and effective. Learn how to strategically develop and post content that people actually want to read!  Lessons in this section include:

  • Content Idea Generating for Emails, Blogs & Social Media
  • Social Media Idea Generator
  • Writing Emails that Get Results
  • Blogging for Interior Designers
  • Stock Image Free Sites
  • How to Download your FB LIVE videos to use on Insta & other platforms
  • Creating a Conversion Focused Lead Magnet and CTA (Call to Action)
  • Simple Steps to Master Instagram for your Business (18 short lessons)

Step 7: Learn to Nail Your Sales

The sales process is one of the keys to profitability and success for any business. Lose your fear and increase your sales and profit margin! Lessons in this section include:

  • Sales Scripts & Fee Setting 
  • Nail Your Sales Audio Training (16 audio modules)

Step 8: Define Your Brand

Developing and effectively marketing your brand is essential to the success of your business.  Lessons in this section include:

  • Branding for Interior Designers
  • How to Market Yourself Effectively and on Brand

Step 9: Establish Successful Systems

Putting successful systems in place that you can trust is integral to the growth of your business.  Lessons in this section include:

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) (2-lessons)
  • Money Management (5-lessons)
  • Staffing (5-lessons)
  • Pricing & Sourcing (3-lessons)
  • Client Communication (7-lessons)
  • Insurance 

Savvy Designer

Are you looking to strengthen your design skills and expand your horizons? Use these trainings and strategies to become a Savvy Designer today!  Lessons included in this section:

  • How Rendering Can Increase Your Design Income
  • How to Color Appropriately in 8 Easy Steps
  • The New Professional Color Tools
  • Step-by-Step Through the Full Design Process

Bonus Trainings

Whether you're looking to up your marketing game, learn a few strategies for your website and social media sites, discover ways to better manage your finances or uncover tips about the latest technology, you're in the right place!

Nail Your Sales Audio Training Course

The sales process is one of the keys to profitability and success for any business. Lose your fear and increase your sales and profit margin! Find the professional confidence you need for the highest level of profitability!

GIF in a Jif!

You may have seen GIF stickers on people's Instagram stories (including mine!). I love them! They're an easy, inexpensive way for service-based entrepreneurs to expand branding visibility! If you have an Instagram account, this course will be super helpful for you. It's fun and easy to do!

Pinterest 101

This course provides insight into the benefits of a Pinterest account and how to maximize it for your business! If you don't have a Pinterest account for your interior design business, or you have one that you aren't fully utilizing, this training will get you there and teach you the secrets of Pinterest success!

The Interior Design Profit Formula Success Course

Whether you’re in the start-up stage or you’re ready to level up, this business course provides everything you need to create a more profitable Interior Design Business. 

In 90 days, you can double (or even triple!) your Business by implementing these proven strategies.

If you’re determined to succeed, this course will deliver!

Designer for a Day

Get The Designer For A Day Contract Template* for only $47!

This one-page Contract covers specific items such as when the project is complete, what must be delivered, and when payment is due.

You can start implementing Designer-For-A-Day without:

  • Wasted Time...
  • Unnecessary Frustrations...
  • Wasted Money...

*If you want all three contracts (Designer-for-a-Day, Designer-on-Call, and Full-Service Design) this is the way to go!  Purchase the Designer-for-a-Day Contract Template + Resources AND access a special offer for the Designer-on-Call AND Full-Service Design Contracts + Explainer Videos for only $197 more!


Developed to be protective of you -- the designer -- and the client, the Designer-on-Call Contract Template is perfect for those clients who want to work with you on a strictly hourly basis. It is robust and complete!

Full-Service Design

The Full-Service Design Contract Template is robust and complete and was developed with Attorney, David Adler, to help protect you -- the designer -- and the client. This contract has a design phase fee AND a project management fee.

Body Language Confidence

Are you tired of losing the sale? Don't let your revenue take a hit because you haven't learned the secret power of reading body language. Especially your clients' and POTENTIAL clients' body language!

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