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I’m Nancy Ganzekaufer – a passionate business and body language coach. I am HAPPY you’re here!

My Business Building Boutique gives you access to ALL my free and paid resources in one handy hub! 

You’ll get some of my most popular FREE downloads including:

  • Job Profitability Analyzer
  • Your Business in Words
  • Social Media Idea Generator
  • Instagram Hashtag Generator

And SO much more! 

Be the first to know about all my latest curated content, freebies, and members-only specials.

I want YOU to become so confident in your business that you can't help but become more successful and profitable!  

Available Products

Profit Insiders for Interior Designers

An exclusive group coaching program for Interior Designers unlike any other! Includes daily access to Coach Nancy and Associate Coach Lesley. Say yes to the success you deserve! 

The KEY™: The Designer's Ultimate Pricing Tool

It's time to take the guesswork out of your pricing. This bundle IS The KEY™ to maximizing your profits. It's like having Nancy in your business toolbox!

The Confident Interior Designer Membership Site

Get the answers you need!

The Confident Interior Designer Membership Site contains 100+ PDF's, downloads, trainings, and strategies to help you successfully run your Interior Design business, achieve significant growth, and maximize your profitability. As a member, you can participate in my monthly Live Q&A sessions to get solutions to the challenges you’re facing today!   

Talk to Nancy

Are you feeling stuck? Facing a challenge in your business? You can talk to me ANYTIME!

Click here to Talk to Nancy!

Interior Design Contracts Bundle

In this bundle, you get all three contract templates (Designer-for-a-Day, Designer-on-Call, Full Service Design) for one special price + LOTS of bonuses including:

  • Fee Setting & the Sales Conversation
  • Job Profitability Analyzer
  • Perfect Client Fit PDF
  • DESIRE Sales Formula
  • HUG Objection Formula
  • Initial Client Inquiry Script​​

Designer for a Day

The Designer for a Day Contract Template* is one that literally every Interior Designer should have in their Ladder of Services! Grab it for only $97 and save yourself from... 

  • Wasted Time 
  • Unnecessary Frustration 
  • Wasted Money 

    * With my Contracts Bundle, you can grab all three contracts (Designer for a Day, Designer-on-Call, and Full-Service Design) for only $397 and save some money too! 


    The Designer-on-Call Contract Template* is fully customizable, making it perfect for those clients who want to work with you on a strictly hourly basis.  

    *With my Contracts Bundle, you can grab all three contracts (Designer for a Day, Designer-on-Call, and Full-Service Design) for only $397 and save some money too! 

    Full-Service Design

    The Full Service Design Contract Template, quite frankly, outlines your whole full-service design business model.    

    *With my Contracts Bundle, you can grab all three contracts (Designer for a Day, Designer-on-Call, and Full-Service Design) for only $397 and save some money too! 

    Business Startup Tool Kit for Interior Designers

    What steps do you need to take to have a legitimate business? Do you even know where to start? Use the Business Startup Tool Kit to ensure your business is legalized, poised to purchase wholesale products for your clients, and ready to grow successfully!

    Body Language Confidence

    Are you tired of losing the sale?

    Don't let your revenue take a hit because you haven't learned the secret power of using and reading body language (especially your client's)!

    Nail Your Sales Audio Training Course

    Ready to lose your fear?

    Want to increase your sales and profit margin? With this training, you can find the professional confidence you need for the highest level of profitability!

    Free Resources

    Need Interior Design Business Specific advice? Click the View Product button to search Nancy's FB LIVES by keyword from The Interior Design Business Forum FB group, watch the Weekend Wine Down Interview Series on YouTube, access Nancy's Blogs all in one place, watch "Interior Design Contracts that Protect" video training, view "Selling You & the Followup Series" Webinar, and watch "How your Non-Verbal Brand can Affect your Sales Success" Webinar!

    Your Business In Words

    Your Business in Words helps you perfect your elevator speech in less than 15 minutes! 

    Social Media Idea Generator

    Wouldn’t it be awesome to have so much social media content that you would never run out of things to post? Well, with my Social Media Idea Generator, you can!  

    Instagram Hashtag Generator

    Using hashtag codes, you can generate more social media traffic quickly. Yes, it is as easy as it sounds! 

    Job Profitability Analyzer

    Is it time to celebrate? This Job Profitability Analyzer allows you to quickly see how profitable each interior design job is and where adjustments can be made. It includes an explainer video and a copy of the file to download. 

    Don't Say That... Say This!

    Download this free resource to find out what’s even more important than knowing what to say... what NOT to say!

    Hiring a Virtual Assistant: How and What to Delegate

    This resource will help you to identify what you love and what you loathe so you know what to keep and what to delegate. Use the links, resources, and must-do's to help you find the best VA for you and your business.  

    Pinterest 101

    This course provides insight into the benefits of a Pinterest account and how to maximize it for your business! If you don't have a Pinterest account for your interior design business, or you have one that you aren't fully utilizing, this training will get you there and teach you the secrets of Pinterest success!

    Social Media Audit Guide

    When it comes to growing your Interior Design client base, are you on track? Are you making the kind of progress you need to be successful? 

    Honestly, it can be hard to determine without an audit.  

    Grab this FREE Social Media Audit Guide that will ask you key questions related to your social media strategy and help you determine next best steps unique to you, your style, and your business

    Magnify Your Marketing Guide

    This Guide includes:

    • 69 ideas for marketing your business & growing your pipeline
    • Best practices for using the guide
    • Worksheets to outline & execute your action plan
    • Room for you to brainstorm ideas of your own!

    Make a plan and get your marketing working for you today! 

    Markup + Margin Map

    Simply scan this resource and determine your profit margin based on your markup percentage. And take the one-page pocket guide with you on the go! 

    Follow-Up Sample Script

    This free resource will walk you through the best practices for following up with a potential client (and help you keep your sanity)!  

    Time Analysis for Busy Entrepreneurs

    Your time is one of your most valuable assets. Are you working on tasks that will help you grow your business and increase your profitability? Find out with this essential resource! 

    Interior Design Contracts that Protect with David Adler

    Watch as I discuss with Attorney David Adler what you do NOT know (but NEED to know) about Interior Design Contracts and Agreements. 

    This information is vital to your interior design business! 

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