Business Startup Tool Kit

Do you need help getting your business up and running?  

For any journey you take, it is essential to know where you're going and how you're going to get there.  

Starting a successful business is no different! 

Upon successful completion of each step of this course, you will have... 

  • A detailed ladder of services to offer based on client desire, budget, and time constraints   
  • The confidence to represent your business (and yourself!) in sales and marketing efforts  
  • Multiple options for marketing your services  
  • A well-defined elevator pitch to use on your website and in your networking 
  • A process for connecting and networking with like-minded peers, potential vendors and suppliers, and prospective clients  

    At the end of each step, I also provide you with relevant YouTube videos and Blogs related to the topic to supplement your training... AND a few bonus resources along with way! 

    Are you ready to put your best foot forward? 


    Grab my Business Startup Toolkit today! 

    2 Modules

    Business Startup Tool Kit

    Download your Business Startup Tool Kit Workbook to get started, and be sure to watch my Intro video before you begin!

    Sales Startup Bonus

    Sales is a very important aspect of running a profitable, successful business. Many feel intimidated when explaining their value to a client – typically due to a lack of confidence.   

    Having confidence in yourself and your services is essential to sales success!   

    Lose your fear and increase your sales and profit margin with my bonus training, Fee Setting and the Sales Conversation.   

    Use my DESIRE Sales Formula to help you nail your sales calls with your potential clients AND my HUG Objection Formula to help you navigate any objections you encounter.   

    This bonus training and resources are a recipe for business sales success! 

    Modules for this product 2

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