Attraction Marketing

So, what exactly IS Attraction Marketing? And why do YOU need it? 

Attraction Marketing is a way of making YOU the go-to expert! 

By providing valuable and enticing knowledge about WHAT you do, HOW you do it, and the RESULTS of what you do, potential clients get to know how smart and knowledgeable you are. Then, when they need what you offer, they know who to hire! 

It turns a cold lead into a warm lead before they make a purchase -- an effective strategy for boosting your lead generation efforts AND foster loyalty to your brand.  

At its core, Attraction Marketing is all about becoming attractive and relatable to your audience. 

What’s not to love about that?  

And it all begins with your story. YES, you DO have a story -- one that is unique to YOU and your journey.  

Stories are remembered. They create a lasting bond between you and your audience. 

In this course, you’ll discover how to create your story in an authentic way and use it to attract your ideal clients, persuade them to become part of your world and create a long and trusting relationship. 

By completing all the assignments in this course, you will have: 

  • 10 observational notes to be used/repurposed for content 
  • 10 social media posts 
  • 1 email nurture series 
  • 1 live recording to use online (social media and/or website) 

PLUS these bonus resources: 

  • Asana Mini-Tutorial 
  • Content Discovery Worksheet 
  • 15+ Ad Libs for Social Media Content 
  • Email Nurture Series Example 
  • Posting Recommendations 
  • Content Sharing Ideas 

Are you ready to attract, persuade, and retain your ideal clients?  

Great! Click the button below to get started today! 

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