GIF in a Jif!

What if you could easily make GIF stickers like this for YOUR Instagram stories?

Now you CAN!

GIF stickers are an easy, inexpensive way for you to expand your branding.

This course is perfect for service-based entrepreneurs, interior designers, business coaches, online consultants, or anyone who has an Instagram account!

GIF stickers will help you increase your social media traffic, your visibility, and brand recognition. GIF in a Jif includes step-by-step instructional videos to show you just how easy it is to create GIF stickers using Canva!

Using stickers in your Instagram stories is a fun, creative way to accent your social media page with your own personal polish. Learn how to make GIFs and upload them straight from your phone!

When you’re marketing yourself, it’s important to consider your client’s journey. Statistics show that to have someone reach out to you, they need to have seen you online in some form between 7 and 15 times.

Wow, let me repeat that... between 7 and 15 times!

How can you be where they are? And how can you get their attention?

Creating your own GIF stickers is one way to do it – and do it with flair! You can make your GIF stickers unique by simply reflecting your brand and your own distinct style.

Check out how it works ...

Get started today - I want you to be in it to win it!

5 Modules

Brainstorm Your GIF

Find out what GIF stickers are, how fun they are to create, and what to consider when brainstorming your design.

Design Your GIF

Learn how to create personalized GIF stickers including a Two-Frame GIF Design, a simple Flipbook style GIF animation, and a Reaction GIF using your own personal image!

Create Your GIF

Learn how to turn your Canva design into GIF sticker using GIFMaker.

Upload Your GIF

Learn how to upload and tag your GIF stickers in, which makes them available to use on your Instagram stories!

Marketing with GIFs

Learn how to use GIF stickers to amplify your marketing success!

Modules for this product 5
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