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Free Tools + Trainings

Need Interior Design Business Specific advice? Check out these free tools and trainings!

Contracts that Protect

Nancy and Attorney David Adler discuss what you don't know (but should!) about Interior Design Contracts and Agreements. This is vital to your interior design business! 

Don't Say That... Say This!

Download this free resource to find out what’s even more important than knowing what to say... what NOT to say!

Follow-Up Sample Script

This free resource will walk you through the best practices for following up with a potential client (and help you keep your sanity)!  

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Identify what you love (and what you don't) so you know what to delegate. Then identify and hire the best Virtual Assistant for your business!

Instagram Hashtag Generator

Using hashtag codes, you can generate more social media traffic quickly. Yes, it is as easy as it sounds! 

Job Profitability Analyzer

Is it time to celebrate? Find out! This tool and training video help you quickly calculate how profitable each design job is and where adjustments can be made. 

Magnify Your Marketing Guide

This Guide includes 69 ideas for marketing your business and growing your pipeline PLUS worksheets to outline and execute your plan!

Markup + Margin Map

Simply scan this resource and determine your profit margin based on your markup percentage. And take the one-page pocket guide with you on the go! 

Pinterest 101

Get insight into the benefits of Pinterest and how to maximize it for your business! This training teaches you the secrets of Pinterest success!

Project Scope Planner

Use this resource to analyze every aspect of your project so you're sure to include even the smallest details!

Social Media Audit Guide

When it comes to growing your Interior Design client base, are you on track? (It can be hard to determine without an audit!)

Social Media Idea Generator

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have so much social media content that you would never run out of things to post? Now you can!  

Time Analysis Exercise

Your time is one of your most valuable assets. Are you working on tasks that help you grow your business and increase your profitability? 

Your Business In Words (Create Your Elevator Pitch!)

Create an awesome interior design elevator pitch. This resource helps you create and perfect it in less than 15 minutes! 

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