Markup + Margin Map

Isn't it a hassle, trying to figure out your actual profit margin? Just how much markup is needed to ensure you are making money? 

Listen, I know how busy you are. And I know that a free resource that can save you time and headaches is something I know you can use a little more of, right? 

I have great news! 

With the Markup + Margin Map, I have taken the guess work and the calculations out of the equation (no pun intended) with this awesome resource. 

Quickly scan the list to see exactly what your profit margin will be based on your markup percentage. 

Can it get any easier than that? 

Well... yes it can! 

I’ve also provided a one-page pocket guide you can take with you on the go to those important consults so you can recalculate on the fly! 

Save your time AND your sanity with the Markup + Margin Map! 

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